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Mission Statement

Children of the Closet was created around two primary objectives. The first is to provide space for the children and adult children of GLBT parents to discuss their experiences and their ideas. We feel that the issues for children of GLBT parents, and in particular the impact of growing up in a family where at least one of the parents was closeted for part or all of the child’s formative years have been largely ignored by society at large and by the therapeutic, psychological, and psychiatric professions. We believe that there is a lot to be said, and a lot to be heard. This is a place where that dialog can begin to take shape.

Secondly, we advocate for full marriage and family rights for any two adult people, without regard to gender or orientation. We believe in the integrity of the honest family, constructed without denying the sexual identity of any of the participants. We believe in building a society in which the closet is no longer an element of parenthood or family relationships.

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