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Lavender marriages in Vietnam

photo from a wedding in Vietnam

There is an interesting article on VietNamNet Bridge on women who discover that their husbands are gay after marriage. Evidence and popular perception indicate that this is happening considerably less often in the United States, but it’s instructive to see conditions in other places in the world where homosexuality is much less openly acknowledged, leading to tragic disappointments and frustrations in marriages that are doomed to unhappiness and failure.

According to the research, most gays do not want to reveal their secret to avoid social discrimination. They still get married and have children. Their secret is mainly detected by their relatives.

A 34-year-old gay in Hanoi said: “I knew I’m a gay at the age of 22. My family knew that secret but they forced me to get married. I could still have sex with my wife and we had babies. But my wife is the first and will be the last woman in my life. I do not have sex with my wife often. I have to seek other gays to satisfy my instinct.”

It is a tragedy for gays whose families force them to get married. A 30-year-old gay in Hanoi said he could not change his nature.

Read the rest of the article, “Your husbands are gays!

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