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Last night we watched The Brotherhood, a film by David DeCoteau, the master of homoerotic horror. He is famous for his shiny boys in boxer-briefs, and for good reason. The acting is terrible. The coded messaging is blatant. It’s awesome.

An excerpt from an interview with DeCoteau:

After Elton: There has long been homoeroticism in horror films, but traditionally these images were relegated to the lesbian variety found in such films as The Hunger or any number of early Hammer films. What spurred the idea to explore male homoeroticism in your post-Voodoo Academy films?

David DeCoteau: Anger. I was so burnt out at that time that I wanted to lay it all out on the line. Charlie let me make the movie cheap and turned me loose. I didn’t care what people thought. I wanted to make a movie I wanted to see. That was it. When it became a hit, I realized my calling [laughs], and I made the switch. To make genre movies that I wanted to see and keep doing it until the market says stop. All indie filmmakers are slaves to the market anyway, and so far people are supporting my movies.

The interesting, not-at-all cheesy correlations between homosexuality and horror films were explored in Gods and Monsters, about James Whale. It is a brilliant film that everyone should see.

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