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Born This Way

Born This Way is full of reader-submitted photos of gay and lesbian adults as children. It’s great. Go read everything and look at each and every one of the photographs.

from the site:

This project is not about furthering stereotypes. But, it might prove that we’re all born with both chromosomes, and perhaps gay kids are just able to express their opposite X or Y without even trying? I dunno – I’m no scientist.

But this IS a statement in sociology. Because no gay person CHOSE their sexual orientation or identity – just as no straight person did either. So for all those religious and political leaders still blathering that lie? S T F U !

And the sooner we teach all children that being gay is as normal (and biological) as being straight, then maybe it really WILL get better, and we can save some precious young lives in the process. That’s my biggest goal with featuring your pictures, and stories.

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