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Bishop Eddie Long

The recent allegations of homosexual behavior by Bishop Eddie Long has sparked some in-depth discussion about the attitudes towards homosexuality in black churches. Bishop Long’s public position on homosexuality is unequivocally to condemn it. Much of his railing is against the degradation of traditional gender roles. But there is a broader socio-historical perspective on this.

Excerpted from the NPR article:
Allegations Revisit Church’s Stance On Homosexuality

“We have not wanted to do anything that would suggest that our families or community was exhibiting any behavior that could be considered deviant or hypersexual,” he says.

Wiley, who supports same-sex marriage, says this concern dates back to slavery, when most African-American men were not allowed to legally marry, raise families, and be heads of households.

“The black church was one of the few areas in which black men could exercise this sort of traditional notion of what it means to be a man,” he says. “Anything that suggests weakness or femininity has been considered to be unmanly and therefore it has no place in the black church.”

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